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Peugeot 4007 Review

Peugeot 4007 Tested October 2007

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Quick Summary

Average. The third and most disappointing product of the Mitsubishi/PSA collaboration, let down by its clumsy front-end and lack of trim options. It is also rather expensive.

Road Test

The 4007 is the third model to come out of a collaboration which has already created the Mitsubishi Outlander, and Citroen C-Crosser. Like Citroen this is Peugeots' first attempt at an SUV, and who better to call on for advice than Mitsubishi, who knows a thing or two about 4x4.

First impressions are disappointing however; the 4007's miserly front end looks like a Peugeot afterthought. The rest of the bodywork, thankfully, is identical to that of the C-Crosser, and there are no shocks with the interior layout either. Seating is for five plus two in the rear of the car. Space here is inadequate for regular use, but once the fiddly operation has been mastered, the folding seats will fit flush into the floor, out of the way.

The 4007 offers both front and all-wheel drive with manual operation, via a nifty switch in between the front seats, although the car is better in 4x4 mode. Mitsubishi's input is evident here as the 4007 has impressive off-road capabilities. Despite its low ground clearance, the all-wheel drive system is supported by the 2.2 litre HDI engine, offering bags of low down torque - 380 Nm at 2,000 rpm - to guide the 4007 over tougher terrain. The chassis on the Peugeot matches that of the Outlander and C-Crosser; offering precise steering and a smooth and refined ride, but less on-road agility than many crossover rivals.

There are only two trims available, SE and GT, with prices starting at over £24,000, which is close to Volvo XC60 money. Generally speaking the 4007 is a bit of a me-too SUV. Nowadays most British buyers want something that is more car-like to drive with a bit more snob-appeal.

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