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Audi SQ7 Review - Ratings

Audi SQ7 Tested January 2017

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The SQ7 is the sporty, sexy sibling of the fairly dull to look at Q7.


Seriously impressive for a big 4x4.


Hard to beat.

Quality + Reliability

Engineered to perfection in every respect.


Excellent for a sports car, let alone a two-tonne SUV.


It seats seven and, when it doesn’t need to, has lots of room everywhere.

Running Costs

There’s no getting around the fact that it’s thirsty, though emissions aren’t bad.

Value for money

In typical Audi fashion, adding bells and buttons adds a lot of pounds to the price. A start of £70,000 isn’t bad, but you could quickly find yourself spending half as much again.

Stereo / Sat nav

Audi’s system is one of the best out there, with the virtual dashboard in front of the driver superbly user-friendly.

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